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Barney Miller Toys (TV-PG) The police officers stay busy when they are forced to deal with feuding toy makers, and Barney experiences his first holiday as a separated man.
Barney Miller The Indian (TV-PG) Detective Wojo is forced to arrest an elderly Native American man who is not causing problems but simply wants to die alone in a local park.
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Rebellion in the North (TV-G) Sergeant Preston and Yukon King are fighting crime out in the Canadian wilderness when they learn a fur trapper has been trying to take over the fur business.
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Girl From Vancouver (TV-G) Sergeant Preston learns that a man has been framed for the murder of his business partner, so he goes on an investigation to uncover the truth.
Lassie Trouble Below Zero (TV-G) Lassie tries to help her friend, a Terrier, who is trapped in a delivery truck.
Lassie Runaround (TV-G) The ranger station gets wrecked at the worst possible time and they soon discover that an escaped chimpanzee is responsible for the mess.
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