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« Perry Mason The Case of the Stand-In Sister (TV-PG) When two brothers claim to be the father of a girl set to inherit a fortune, the person tracking the girl's trust fund winds up being murdered.
T.J. Hooker The Snow Game (TV-PG) Hooker, Romano, Stacy and Corrigan become involved in an undercover operation to bring down a large cocaine dealing ring after a fellow officer is killed.
Hart to Hart On a Bed of Harts (TV-PG) Jonathan decides to purchase his and Jennifer's honeymoon bed, but the wrong bed is delivered to their home, so they go on a desperate search for the original.
Maude Maude's Aunt Maude's favorite aunt comes to the Findlays' house for a visit, and things go well until a longstanding feud between Aunt Lola and Mrs. Naugatuck is revealed.
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