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Roy Rogers Show Brady's Bonanza (TV-G) When Big Jim Moran strikes it rich with a uranium mine, Pat Brady sells Nellybelle to purchase a Geiger counter, but they are attacked by claim jumpers.
Roy Rogers Show Portrait of Murder (TV-G) George Hooper is ordered by Doc Buckland to have his herd killed off because the animals are infected with the hoof-and-mouth disease.
Roy Rogers Show Deadlock at Dark Canyon (TV-G) Deception occurs in the Pinto Basin region when an old cattle baron is betrayed by his foreman while ridding the area of nesters.
Roy Rogers Show Accessory to Crime (TV-G) In order to ensure his son receives the funds to attend college, a poverty-stricken storekeeper joins in on a smuggling plot alongside his immoral partner.
The Word For Living A faith-based program that is hosted by Pastor David Shearin of the Word of Life Christian Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, as he offers his unique take on Faith.
Last Days Signs & Wonders with Mel Bond (TV-G) Viewers develop spiritually in the last days signs and wonders as prophesized in the Holy Scripture; Host Mel Bond has been a pastor for churches since 1972.
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