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« Charlie's Angels Nips and Tucks (TV-PG) While investigating the murder of a congressional witness, the Angels discover a plastic surgeon with plans to change a man's identity.
Here's Lucy Lucy and Miss Shelley Winters (TV-G) A movie producer tasks Lucy with the chore to keep a close eye on an actress set to star in the producer's next movie; the actress is asked to lose weight.
Here's Lucy Lucy and the Gold Rush (TV-G) Kim and Craig bring home rocks for their geology class project, and uncle Harry is confident that that rocks could contain gold; Harry buys up the land.
The Dick Van Dyke Show I'd Rather Be Bald Then Have No Head at All (TV-G) Rob begins to worry that he may be going bald, and he gets a formula from the barber which is supposed to help, but he has a series of nightmares.
The Dick Van Dyke Show Teacher's Petrie (TV-G) Laura finds herself the unexpected target of a teacher's affections.
Roy Rogers Show (TV-G) Roy Rogers leads the life of a ranch owner who joined forces with other Western heroes who fight to protect the weak and defenseless.
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